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Kidney Disease and Oral Health

Kidneys perform extremely important functions in the body. They expel waste like urea, help produce red blood cells, regulate blood pressure and regulate calcium, phosphate and vitamin D in the body. Kidney disease often does not exhibit any symptoms until it is in the advanced stages. The dentist can help detect early warning signs by evaluating patients for high blood pressure and determining whether patients have a history of heart and kidney disease. If the early signs are present the patient can be referred to their physician as early treatment can reduce the likelihood of End Stage Renal Disease or ESRD from developing.
Kidney disease is a progressively debilitating condition that leads to ESRD in which the kidneys cease to support daily bodily function requiring either dialysis or a kidney transplant. The progression to kidney failure may take as long as 10 to 20 years. Diabetes and High blood pressure are the most common causes of ESRD in the United States. More than 871,000 people receive treatment for kidney disease. Aging population as well as the increased prevalence of obesity, diabetes and hypertension have contributed to rapid increase in ESRD. Cardiovascular disease associated with ESRD is the most frequent cause of death among older adults.
Kidney failure may cause a variety of changes in the mouth like paleness of the tissue in the mouth, breath that smells like ammonia, mouth ulcers and dryness in the mouth. Patients may experience increased formation of plaque and calculus, jaw tumors and delayed healing. Patients undergoing dialysis take blood thinners so they need to let the dentist know about it as they can have excessive bleeding if certain dental procedures are performed. Patients undergoing dialysis may need to take antibiotics prior to their dental appointments. Certain medications like antibiotics and pain medication should not be taken in patients with kidney disease. In addition, to all these precautions, caries prevention and monitoring gum and periodontal health regularly with the dentist is important, as both tends to worsen as kidney disease progresses.

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