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To Floss or not to Floss?

Recently the media reported that flossing doesn’t help and your dentist is wrong. This single associated press report created such a big social media firestorm. Dentistry’s message of health was again foiled by a sensational story. It’s bad enough that dentists are portrayed as clowns and socially inept characters in Hollywood productions!
The media jumped at an opportunity to make everyone feel good about their dereliction of duties. The report’s false implication that “flossing doesn’t work” resonates with the public because it confirms and justifies the decision not to floss in the first place and excuses someone’s lack of diligence with oral hygiene. It also opens the opportunity for patients to throw the report at their dentists at their next visit, in fact, some dentists may already have faced that confrontation.
The American Dental Association has contacted the U.S.Department of health and human services to address its exclusion of flossing. In its official statement, the American Dental Association clarified that flossing was still considered a beneficial hygienic practice. The ADA statement did not make the news. The news business is all about creating a buzz.
The headlines like “Your Dentist was wrong, floss doesn’t work” resonate with the public listening to the radio while driving or watching tv at home. When a patient floss’ or does not, the benefits are self-evident. A self-testing method will be to take a week off of flossing and then floss and take a look at the amount of food particles which have collected in between the teeth you will feel disgusted. The story that the media reported was based on a review of previous studies which may not have proved that flossing was efficacious but they did not disprove it either.
Any interdental hygiene tool helps to keep the gums and teeth healthy. It doesn’t have to be just floss, you can use an interproximal brush or a water flosser or any other gizmo. Without it two of the five sides of the teeth are missing out from getting cleaned every day that is like not washing your feet and in between the toes when you are in the shower. We don’t need a study to prove that is better for your health.

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