Keep It New Auto Service 
“The Monthly Grapevine has been the backbone of my advertising needs. I have tried different variations of print advertising and using the exact same ad that I am currently running (and have with very little modifications for years), the results were amazing, The Monthly Grapevine produces very good results, almost 8% more than any other publication I have tried. I track the return, not only customer count but also in dollars and cents, I have had no other advertising in ANY other form that produces gross dollars like The Monthly Grapevine.

Now with their help, I have expanded to multiple Internet specific type advertising. Lets face it, not every business, nor every person uses or sees just one type of advertising. The results were interesting, 2 to 3 % comes from these type of advertising (almost 8% less), just barely gave me an acceptable return. I can always count on the Monthly Grapevine, if I was forced into only using one advertising source, hands down I have tried and proven results from the Monthly Grapevine, and the people are fabulous to work with, always professional and friendly and eager to help in any way they can. Thank you Monthly Grapevine!” 

~ Linn Small – Owner


Oakley Collision Center
Just like word of mouth advertising, we have found that the Monthly Grapevine has become a valuable tool in our business. We pride ourselves in quality as they do, and plan on many years to come. Their staff makes ads and ideas come to life”
~ Dana Pleece – Owner


Harvest Park Bowl 

“It works for me! I have been with The Monthly Grapevine since they started. I will always remain in their publication because it works for me!” 

~ Jim Wangeman – Owner


“This is a long-overdue “thank you” for faithfully running our “ad” each month for the breast cancer support group at Sutter Delta Hospital. The local newspapers have fallen by the wayside in providing us exposure to the local population, but all the new women who contact me have inevitably seen the nice ad in your publication and are able to get support. Thought you would like to know what a great public service you are providing.” 

~Breast Cancer Support Group


Bright Ideas Design Center 

“I always want to be in The Monthly Grapevine. The Monthly Grapevine is my #1 source of advertising. I am so grateful I met Jim, Karen, and Sonya 15 years ago. Your customer service, professionalism, guidance and knowledge in advertising have made my company dream a reality.  It’s nice to hear from people around town that they saw us in the Monthly Grapevine. From your #1 fan.” 

~ Mark Sargent – Owner


CJ Bradley’s Electric 

“CJ Bradley’s Electric has been advertising with the Monthly Grapevine since 2003.  We have found that the Monthly Grapevine is the best source of advertising around.  We estimate that 70% of our new business comes from the Monthly Grapevine.  The price is right, the people are great and we are completely satisfied.  Thank you Monthly Grapevine, you’re number one!” 

~ Ross Perlee – Owner


Discovery Bay Pest Control 

“It Works For Me!  Discovery Pest Control advertises with the Monthly Grapevine because it gets results.”

~  Rob Wellington – General Manager


Elizabeth’s Cleaning Service 

“I have continually advertised with the Monthly Grapevine since 1990.  It has been instrumental in the ongoing success of our business, in good times and slow times we always advertise with the Monthly Grapevine.” 

~ Maria Velazquez – Owner


Stack’s Classic Awnings 

“The Monthly Grapevine Magazine has been our main advertising publication for over 10 years. We have tried other publications and found that The Monthly Grapevine Magazine’s style of advertising generates the best results and is the best value for our advertising dollar. The response to our ad in The Monthly Grapevine Magazine always provides excellent calls and clients. The Monthly Grapevine Magazine is our #1 choice for all our advertising needs.” 

~ Ed and Lynette Stack – Owners




I just moved to Brentwood at the beginning of the year and the Monthly Grapevine has been extremely helpful!  Thanks. L. O’Brien, Brentwood

You have just about everything anybody could want in your magazine! J. Miles, Antioch

This magazine is so nice and informative about businesses in the area. M. Campos, Antioch

Just relocated to the area.  I enjoyed the Monthly Grapevine and can’t wait for next month! D. Rodriguez, Brentwood

It’s nice to have one place to look for services needed. P. Carvalho, Brentwood

Doing a great job!  I look forward every month to Business, Health, Auto & Dining ads.  — E. Smith, Oakley
We look through the magazine from cover to cover. We’ve used many of the advertisers and like the coupons. Sharon & Ed, Antioch

I read it from cover to cover. It’s Great. Ramona C., Antioch

The Monthly Grapevine is fine. I refer to it when I need to have something done, because I like to shop locally. Resident, Oakley

We both look at The Monthly Grapevine and love it! We use the coupons and keep it every month. Lisa & Sally

Great Ads! Found Emily from Asia Trading Company. She is great! Also have found out about restaurants in the area that we never knew about. The Monthly Grapevine is very reputable…it’s important to keep business local and in the community. Archie & Kathy, Antioch

I like to read it – I appreciate the info on the community, events and activities. I also use the coupons. Judy, Antioch

Love it. I borrow my daughter’s copy. I like the information for business and entertainment. Dora, Pittsburg

Most inviting is the cover. Love everything for the local merchants. Very informative. When looking for a restaurant, we refer to the Monthly Grapevine, because you don’t see this kind of advertising in the yellow pages. Marie L., Antioch