The Monthly Grapevine is an extremely cost effective advertising solution that can provide your business with the best local advertising exposure available. Before you make a final decision as to where to spend your all-important advertising dollars, there are several factors to be carefully taken into account:

Print distribution numbers – Distribution is the actual number of the media printed and delivered.

Delivery Method – The logistics and costs of the delivery system chosen will be key in arriving at an accurate estimate.

Any undisclosed or hidden costs – (such as pre-planning and design costs).

Readership – the term used by publishers to estimate how many people will read each publication.

Note: Many publishers multiply the printed piece by 2 – 4 times (based on occupants per home) to arrive at a readership number. For example, a publisher may print 15,000 magazines and multiply that number by 3 occupants per household to arrive at a readership of 45,000. Since this number is difficult to prove, The Monthly Grapevine prefers to use the distribution number when comparing market costs. Readership numbers are included for comparison reasons only.


Our Printed Direct Mail Numbers
Direct USPS Mail Delivery of 45,000 copies each month. Reach a targeted customer base with stable buying power.

Delta Edition – delivered to Brentwood, Discovery Bay, Byron & Oakley.

Formerly East County Edition – delivered to Antioch as “Trending Now by The Monthly Grapevine.”

Get the most out of of your advertising dollars
Advertising research has consistently proven that homeowners rely on their mailbox to act as the hub of their information exchange system. The Monthly Grapevine reaches more potential customers than any other local publication.

Custom-designed graphics created to impact, impress, and motivate the targeted future customer.

Our reputation is based on our proven ability to supply reliable delivery. The Monthly Grapevine is dedicated to insuring that you, the advertiser, are receiving the service and satisfaction you deserve.

No Hidden Fees
Our rates include:

  • Free ad creation, printing and mailing
  • Free redesigns, changes or multiple proofs

The Monthly Grapevine has the answers to your local advertising questions. We invite you to CONTACT US at (925) 634-0880 and get started reaching your future customers today.