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Lose 10-30 inches safely in an hour, tighten skin, reduce cellulite

Basically, this wrap is a food grade inorganic mineral and distilled water solution. You are wrapped tightly with ace type bandages that are soaked in the heated mineral solution. You will be in the wrap for an hour and while you are in the body wrap you will move around and stimulate circulation with moderate exercise. It isn’t about getting hot or sweaty just stimulating circulation in the areas you would like the best results.

As soon as the minerals touch your skin your body takes in the minerals it needs as most are mineral deficient. When the minerals come in, the body has to release something, so it releases impurities and the bandages compact firm and tone.

The results are accumulative, and many lose more inches the second and third times they come in then the first. Ideally, I like to see people once a week for best results however as long as you come in before your maintenance you will see a positive result. Directly after receiving the wrap if you do something to sweat while the minerals are still on your skin and drink plenty of water for the next 3-4 days you will lose more inches.

When I was getting them done, I ended up doing them once a week for 9 weeks and then I went to maintenance. When I was eating good and exercising my maintenance was once every 6-7 months when I wasn’t doing the right things maintenance was monthly.

This particular wrap has been around since 1969 and many celebrities, professional athletes, body builders and military personal still frequently come in for this service. The minerals are very healthy for you and the side effect is inch loss and skin toning and tightening.

Since I moved from my downtown office in 2008, I operate out of my ranch office in Brentwood and have been in business since 2001. It is quite relaxing and often you will see horses running by the windows to get water on the top of my hill. I book by appointment only and work evenings Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and mornings Friday and Saturday.

925-634-4668 or launa@thatsawrapofbrentwood.com