Who’s Been Snooped?

Total Care For Total Health

Well, if you are into chasing rainbows, this year’s February is just for you. However, you may need a small boat to get around the farmlands. With all the trees asleep for winter and rain filled furrows, it clearly has been a “wet” and “cold” winter. What a great time to do a little research on a local business that can get you ready for sunny days ahead.
Most of us have either heard of Botox or have it scheduled on their yearly calendar. I would like to introduce you to a place where you can learn about all of the amazing procedures and services offered in the world of aesthetics. At Delta Aesthetics, Dr Ness, MD and his staff provide patients with top-quality cosmetic services.
You can receive both surgical and non-surgical procedures. These include liposuction, Blepharoplasty and Botox, Juvederm, laser hair removal, tattoo removal and more. I especially like the “beauty spa” atmosphere where you can receive a variety of facials, peels and waxing services. That is the perfect way to start your journey to enhance your “natural beauty”.
I love how the entire team believes the importance of “total care for total health”, all under the supervision of a qualified medical doctor and highly trained staff. Extra ten points! Each individual is treated with the utmost care to deliver the best possible results for the service designed exclusively for them. There is a $50 consult fee that can be deducted from your scheduled service, so it is basically FREE.
Other services offered are Microneedling, ThermiVa, and taking care of those unsightly and painful varicose veins. So now you are probably thinking, “I have always wanted to find out more about the procedures all my girlfriends are having done”, so, pick up the phone and talk to one of these specialists. All patients are treated like family and given the professional attention they deserve. And, after your treatment, you receive extensive follow-up care to ensure the best possible results. Another ten points.
What does it cost? Best thing to do is schedule a consultation and they can discuss all your options and give you a quote based on your specific needs and goals. Then subtract your $50 and get started, it is just that easy. Especially when there is that special day or event on your calendar that you have to look your very best. And, if you sign up, you can get the monthly newsletter with specials on procedures and products. I told you it was easy. Unfortunately cosmetic services are not covered typically under insurance unless deem necessary to correct due to a medical complication, however Delta Aesthetics offer Care Credit as a finance option for their patients if needed.
So, Dr. Ness and your amazing team, the Monthly Grapevine gives you ten shining stars for delivering quality service with such a caring heart to bring out the beauty in all of us. This secret shopper invites all our readers to add a consult with Dr. Ness on your 2019 “To Do” list.
Who will be snooped next? It could be you.
Delta Aesthetics can be reached at 925-757-5311 or visit their website DeltaAesthetics.com.