Who’s Been Snooped?

Two Front Teeth

Well, it’s a beautiful spring day in East County. Off to the west is a clear picture of our famous Mt. Diablo, nestled in the beautiful golden surrounding hills. It’s a perfect time to check in with a local dentist office that brings a perfect smile to everyone’s face.
Dr. Huma Bayat, DDS and owner of Platinum Smiles Family Dentistry is a local gal who chose to open her practice in Brentwood, the place she calls home. Off to visit her office, I was no stranger this area, as I practically know most of the businesses in our downtown area. She is located on O’Hara across from the “old” Safeway, which for those of you who are new to the area, opened in 1990 and the whole town came to the grand opening.
I knew right away that this was going to be one of those professional offices that I felt comfortable just by walking in the door. It is clean, bright and welcoming. Since this is just an assignment, my questions were pretty general, but I sure learned a lot. First and foremost, Dr. Bayat is a woman, and since most of you have guessed that I am too, this was a great find for those of us who would prefer women professionals. And her professional background is endless.
I think I liked the verbiage printed on her literature and website stating “Dr. Bayat likes working in the profession as it gives her the opportunity to improve the lives of her patients by supporting their dental health and wellness. She enjoys meeting and treating patients of all backgrounds and learning about their lives”. Well, when I met her, I knew right away these words were not just marketing propaganda. Her own smile comes from within and truly represents her desire to take good care of her patients. This counts 10 extra points.
Her services are affordable and available for your entire family. Her team is honest about possible procedures and the cost of the treatment. Their care is prevention-based, with early diagnosis and helpful when parents need to educate their kids about the importance of maintaining good dental health. They offer a huge variety of services including whitening (my favorite), veneers, Invisalign, dentures, implants, periodontal treatment, root canals (not my favorite), white dental fillings and the best cleaning you can get, all done right there in her office.
If you are like me, going to the dentist is not at the top of my “to do” list and usually comes with sweaty palms and a nervous stomach. Well, Dr. Bayat offers “conscious sedation” which takes the edge off for those of us who are just plain “chicken!” Please go to her website at www.platinumsmilesdentristry.com to get more details on this service so you can check this off your “to do” list. And, if you want to give her a try, walk in and tell the team about that little tiny piece of your tooth, you know “the one you want for Christmas” and they will make the appointment to fix it right there in her office. Another 10 points.
So, Dr. Bayat, the Monthly Grapevine proudly gives you ten shiny whites (you know, the pretty ones you make for that beautiful smile) for deciding to bring your practice, professionalism, knowledge and wonderful caring heart to Brentwood. I ask all of our readers to stop by and meet Dr. Bayat, you won’t be disappointed. Who will be snooped next? It could be you.

Platinum Smiles Family Dentistry is located at 4510 O’Hara Ave., Ste C, Brentwood. They can be contacted at 925-634-9118.