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Dhyanyoga Centers

Dhyanyoga Centers can help you on your path to psychological growth. They offer meditation instruction and pro-active, authentic yoga classes, healing modalities and a wide variety of workshops and special events, that all support spiritual, psychological and physical well-being. The purpose of their classes and remedies is to awaken a source of energy and boost activity for a direct method of spiritual evolution.
In addition to their large meditation and yoga rooms, they have an extraordinary spiritual store. Their store includes books, media, and apparel. Dhyanyoga charges less than local yoga studies and they offer donation-based yoga classes on Saturday mornings from 10-11 a.m. Their center is a non-profit organization. Yoga can help with posture, relaxation, and mindfulness and at Dhyanyoga, they are dedicated to their yoga and meditation within a peaceful oasis. Their environment is not similar to a gym but is focused around a spiritual and supportive atmosphere. Every class focuses on yoga as a means for achieving physical well-being and for people interested, a path to psychological and spiritual growth.
The target market for the yoga center ranges from teenagers to seniors. They provide quality of instruction, a peaceful, respectful and supportive environment at a lower cost than other yoga studios in the area. They provide a Kirtan Group and Voice of Heart that perform monthly at the center while also providing bodywork and Ayurveda massages and facials in their “Healing Cottage”. Shri Anandi Ma, a meditation master of the Kundaline Maha Yoga lineage, offers meditation programs yearly. Vasant Lad is a renowned Ayurveda physician and scholar who offers a yearly weekend of Ayurveda workshops at Dhyanyoga. There are numerous events located at their website dyc.org where you can find classes and events for the year of 2019. Dhyanyoga offers weekly free yoga classes for the local community in addition to their modestly priced beginner and immediate yoga classes throughout the week. With years of experience, Dhyanyoga Centers can offer you a sense of serenity along with fair prices to put your mind and wallet at ease. Owner Jan Handel welcomes the public to experience spiritual and psychological awakening.
Customer Testimonials:
“Chanting is fun and joyful on so many levels. It is a microcosmic experience of what I love about being part of the DYC community. As we begin to chant we are often ragged and un-unified but as each of us comes into alignment with each other- all tuning to the same vibration. It is the same experience I have when in the dance of Seva (service); the energy is directing me and I am moving in synchronicity with the other services. Or when I am in perfect alignment with the people I am serving and I am able to give them just what they need.” –Sarita V
“At Guruji’s birthday celebration in Antioch this month, there was no lack of devotees, devotion, incredible food or the sweet nectar of Ma’s and Guruji’s Shakti. As the ceremony progressed I could not help but fall hard into deep meditation, hardly able to participate in the ceremony in an outward sense.” –Brian, Jan 2013
“By the final meditation on Sunday, I felt recharged and renewed. I wondered at how blessed I was to be a part of this. I felt my doubts dropping away and realized how thoroughly the Divine had worked with me at such a deep level to help me clear obstacles toward my soul’s evolution. I knew then and know now that I will never be the same. What a demonstration of working to destroy the ego! No doubt, there’ll be more of that to come, but I am so grateful to have started chipping away at this hard blockhead!” –Satya Jane

Dhyanyoga Centers is located in Antioch and can be reached at 925-779-9660 or visit their website dycantioch.org.