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Providing the Best of Service and Quality in California

All Cal Golf Carts & Industrial Vehicles of Brentwood specializes in the sale and rental of gas and electric golf carts and utility vehicles. Providing services to the San Francisco Bay Area and all of Northern California, they offer new, used, and reconditioned carts to suit every purpose and budget. From residential repairs to commercial fleet maintenance services, their qualified technicians will efficiently keep your wheels moving.
All Cal Golf keeps a number of pre-built and used carts onsite, and they invite you to visit their showroom and take a test drive to determine what works best for you. If you are looking for something somewhat different, you can request customization of colors, headlight kits, wheels and tires, seat kits, and more. Golf cart parts and accessories add a personal touch to your ride as well as convenience and practicality.
If you need to rent a cart for an outdoor event or job site, call on All Cal Golf Carts & Industrial Vehicles. Their rental fleet consists of a large selection of carts for leisure and recreation, events, or courtesy purposes that seat from two to six passengers. For work functions, the Yamaha Cargo Box is available with a waist-high cargo bed and securable tailgate, making it the perfect workhorse. Another job site option is the flatbed cart, featuring the largest payload capacity that can transport almost all of your unwieldy objects.
Attention should always be given to regularly scheduled cart maintenance for optimal performance. There are also times when service and repairs are necessary. Offering professional residential repair and commercial fleet services, the technicians at All Cal Golf will keep your vehicles safe and reliable.
High-performance parts and accessories are also available if you need them. You can order high-quality Aftermarket and OEM parts that come with knowledgeable advice. Call ahead to check if the part you are looking for is in stock, and, if not, it will be promptly ordered for you. If further assistance is required, ask about their professional installation.
As a Garia authorized dealer, All Cal Golf Carts & Industrial Vehicles can assist you in custom ordering your own personalized cart. Garia vehicles offer matchless comfort, luxury, and style. Carts can be ordered for golf, utility, or courtesy purposes, and they are available for two to six passengers for both golf course and street use. Also offered is the elite, customized Garia X Mansory for the utmost lavishness. Garia carts can be fitted with features such as a refrigerator, golf ball and tee holders, air scoops, waste bins, cup holders, and charging ports for your devices. These carts have the largest cabin in their class with quality finishes and lockable storage space to keep your personal belongings secure.
RXV refurbishing packages are also available to customers. The rebuild package is offered as an economical like-new experience. It includes rigorous inspection and service for speed settings up to 19.5 mph, new trim and floormat, reconditioned uprights, new windshield, cowl, and body, new batteries, and full cleaning and reconditioning of the suspension components. The vehicle will be rebuilt from the frame up and will look and operate like new for a great price.
If you want to buy, rent, or recondition a golf or utility vehicle, or if you need repair service and high-quality parts and accessories, All Cal Golf Carts & Industrial Vehicles has what you are looking for. Stop by their showroom to view their inventory and discuss the possibilities. Their goal is to provide excellent customer service and complete satisfaction.
All Cal Golf Carts is located at 700 Harvest Park Dr., Ste. E in Brentwood and can be reached at 925-420-3143 or AllCalGolf.com. Special financing available.