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One Week Of Healthy Meals, With Minimal Effort

We all know that the week can get hectic, with work and whatever life can throw at you. In between the chaos is it important to provide a healthy yet hearty meal for your family. American household spend $70,000 on takeout annually. With such a high number, saving money is also a dire reason that cooking at home is healthy as well as frugal. The key to a week of healthy meals is choosing two days to cook and prep your food for break, lunch, or dinner. Whether it is all three meals or one, the choice is up to you.

Let’s begin with the first meal of the day. Breakfast. The meal that gets you energized and ready for the day ahead. Though this meal is the most important of the day, it is often the one that is most skipped. Grab and go options typically tend to be the best for those busy mornings. Eggs are quick and delicious, and they can be prepped a day prior. Eggs can be baked in the oven at 350 degrees in a cookie sheet. Simply crack the eggs, add a bit of salt and pepper then bake for fifteen minutes. Voila! Breakfast for the week. Simple, fast and efficient.

Lunch and dinner can be a more complicated meal, since they tend to require more ingredients and prep time. Chopped salads and soups are always excellent options with minimal prep time. For lunch, grab and go; just like breakfast is a great option. A chopped salad with fresh in season fruits and or vegetables can be stored in Tupperware and ready to go in seconds. Dinner can be prepped and stored in the freezer. Crock-pot meals are always the way to go for a fast meal. One easy meal is Teriyaki Chicken. All you need is five chicken breasts, teriyaki sauce, water, brown sugar and three cloves of garlic. All of these can be added to a Ziploc bag, kept frozen then added to a crock pot for four hours. Prepped and ready to eat! Make sure to mush the ingredients in the bag together so the flavors fuse together. Thaw out the freezer meals in the fridge overnight so they are easier to cook.

We cannot forget about snacks! Throughout the day, we all look forward to that midday snack. Homemade oatmeal energy balls and grab and go granola bars are the perfect quick fix until the time dinner arrives. All you need is steel cut oatmeal (1 cup), shredded coconut (1 cup), half cup of peanut butter and 1/3 cup of mini chocolate chips and honey. Combine all these ingredients, scoop into a ball, store in fridge and they are ready to eat. You can make as many as you want to last you through your week.

It is important to set weekly goals for yourself and your family. Whether it is bringing your own lunch to work everyday or aiming to meal prep during the weekend. Whatever you choose, always remember the reward is worth it!

Article written by Marissa Perry.