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California has passed a myriad of new laws that become effective January 1, 2019 that expand employer liability for sexual harassment. Of particular importance is SB 1343 which requires employers with 5 or more employees, including temporary and/or seasonal employees, to provide at least two hours of sexual harassment training to all supervisory employees, and at least one hour to all non-supervisory employees, every two years. Additionally, SB 820 adds Section 1001 to the California Code of Civil Procedure which now prohibits any settlement agreement entered into on or after January 1, 2019 from containing language preventing disclosure of factual information related to claims of sexual assault, sexual harassment, or discrimination based on sex. This includes severance or separation agreements. However, the name of the claimant can be kept confidential at the claimant’s request. The parties may also agree to keep the amount paid in the settlement confidential.
The statute of limitations for bringing a civil action alleging sexual assault has also been dramatically increased. AB 1619, expands the statute of limitations to the later of: (a) 10 years from the date of the last act; or, (b) 3 years from the date the person discovered or reasonably should have known of a sexual assault.
Lastly, AB 3109 makes unenforceable any provision in a settlement agreement that prevents a party from testifying in an administrative, legislative, or judicial proceeding regarding sexual harassment and or alleged criminal conduct.
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