Community Coming Together To Support Literacy

Hello, I wanted to take a minute to bring some light to a Project that was 100% community based to support literacy in Brentwood.
I’m a resident of Brentwood and when I moved here 2 years ago I noticed there are so many beautiful parks and so trails to enjoy, but I also noticed at that time the library was under construction and there are very few book stores in the community.
I decided I want to put a plan into action to some bring together more access to books and to reading for our children and even adults in our community. After some research and ideas I learned about Free Little Library’s, a concept of book free book sharing for a community. I fell in love and decided this was exactly the project I was looking for.
I wanted to create this gift to help support children’s reading outside of school related assignments. Reading helps promote speaking, listening, and understanding and I believe access to free books can help strengthen these tools in our community.
I put my plan Into action and was able to get a old nightstand donated and I upcycled it into a Library box. Next through community site for help to build the base and mount the library. To you my luck Adam from Handydads donated his time knowledge and resources of leftover materials to execute the completion of this. Lastly I was able to ask other community members to donate books to start off the library. The library is now fully finished, registered and up and running in Baird Circle all due to 100% community support for supporting literacy.
When I started this project to create a free little library there were only three of these accessible in Brentwood. Over the last couple of months I was able to inspire another community member to build one and ours finally finished which made a total of five. I would Love to bring some attention to these five amazing Free book exchanges in hopes that people will learn of their existence and be able to utilize them for their enjoyment as well as inspire other community members to build more and strengthen literacy with in Brentwood.
I’d like to add thanks to officer Velasco of Oakley police department and the Mora family for their generous donations to get this project up
and running!
Article written by Catherine Morgan