Patrick McCarran

Buying a Newly Built Home? Use A Realtor With new home construction going strong again you may not think it is necessary to involve a real estate professional in a transaction where a buyer can deal directly with a builder. Think again! The builder’s agent is representing the builder’s best interest. As your buyer’s agent a Realtor can guide you along the right path, smooth the rough places and help ensure you make a decision you can live with (and in) for many years. As your agent, the Realtor is representing your best interests. Just as a real estate professional calls on experience and knowledge of an area to help buyers locate re-sale homes in a community, the same applies to guiding buyers interested in newly built homes to … [Read more...]

On the House

5 Steps To Simplify Your Next Paint Project A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your home. Whether you’re revamping a main living area or freshening up your home’s curb appeal, some planning and preparation, plus the right painting tools, go a long way toward helping you achieve a professional-looking finished project. Execute your paint project flawlessly with these tips and tricks from Jennie Kitchen, product manager, Valspar Applicators at The Sherwin-Williams Company, Consumer Brands Group: Step 1: Choose Your Color Selecting a color can often be the most difficult part of a paint project. While browsing through all the colors can be overwhelming, a resource like offers a variety of tools to help … [Read more...]

Pick of the Vine

TVDC Slays Brentwood The Vault Dance Company of Brentwood is a pre-professional hip hop dance company geared towards performing that instills and nurtures a love and passion for the art of hip hop. A fervor for dance and teaching inspired founder and owner, Cruz Conde, to open his own dance company. TVDC brings something to the table that other studios don’t; they take personal interest in each and every student to help them grow and be their absolute best. TVDC is one of the very few dance companies in the bay area that specializes in hip hop dance. Additionally, they are the only studio to offer a hip hop company for adults. People of all ages can enjoy the physical and mental benefits of hip hop dance movement! Dance teaches the … [Read more...]

For Your Dental Health

Smokeless Tobacco Use And Dental Health In the United States in the last decade the sale of smokeless tobacco has been increasing unlike the declining market trends for cigarettes. As a reaction to smoking bans it has been found that smokeless tobacco is being marketed as a way to use tobacco in smoke-free environments like restaurants, airplanes and work places. Smokeless tobacco use is a risk factor for cancer of the oral tissues and pharynx, gum disease, gingivitis, cavities, bad breath, tooth loss, teeth stains and nicotine addiction. smokeless tobacco has been associated with low birth weight infants and also pancreatic cancer. Smokeless tobacco comes in many forms like chewing tobacco, snus or as moist snuff which is placed and … [Read more...]

Who’s Who In East County

Finesse Limousine Service If you’re in the market for an exceptional limousine and chauffeured transportation provider, look no further than Finesse Limousine Service. Based in Discovery Bay, they’ve provided patrons throughout the bay area with top-notch service and remarkable experiences for over 20 years. Customer satisfaction is their top priority, and they provide a safe, timely, and enjoyable journey that will make a lasting impression on you and your guests. Finesse provides transportation to San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and Sacramento International as well as Stockton Metropolitan Airport. Service is also provided at the San Francisco cruise ship terminal. Pick-ups, drop-offs, single, and round-trips are available … [Read more...]

Who’s Been Snooped?

Keep Your Car Just Like New! Well, here it is the end of September and the best weather is right outside our door. Not too hot, not too cold and the sunsets are amazing. You can smell a hint of garlic in the air as they just harvested east of downtown Brentwood and G & S Farms has bright orange pumpkins popping up right next to their packing shed on Chestnut. What a great time to look in on a local business that can get your vehicle ship shape for the journey to shop for the local fall harvest. On assignment, I wanted to see firsthand this local business so many are raving about. Keep it New Auto Service is located on Harvest Park Drive in Brentwood and is probably the cleanest, most organized auto shop I have ever seen. Even the … [Read more...]

Ferber Law

CA Labor Commissioner Hits Employers for Multi-Million Dollar “Wage Theft” Citations? In the past several months, the Labor Commissioner has been busy investigating and issuing multi-million dollar citations against employers for what it refers to as “wage theft.” Such violations include failure to pay overtime, minimum wage, split shift premium and failure to provide the required meal periods. In March, a weight loss and fitness chain in southern California was cited for $8.3 million dollars in violations relating to failure to pay overtime because it paid its trainers separate paychecks for each location they worked, thereby avoiding overtime. Then in June, seven Bay area restaurants were fined more than $10 million dollars after … [Read more...]

From the Desk of the CEO

Return on Ad Spending Your first step will be determining exactly what ROI (return on investment) means to you. Many people use the term but often confuse the meanings. If you’re looking at trying to calculate how much your spending in print advertising translates into sales, you’re technically looking at Return on Ad Spending (ROAS), but the terms are similar enough that many people just use them interchangeably. Other things to consider are, again, to determine what qualifies as “success” - a lead, a conversion, increased advertising awareness, increased brand awareness, etc. For simplicity’s sake, assuming that you’re looking at increased store traffic as your measure of success, here are some things you can do to calculate your … [Read more...]