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Providing the Best of Service and Quality in California All Cal Golf Carts & Industrial Vehicles of Brentwood specializes in the sale and rental of gas and electric golf carts and utility vehicles. Providing services to the San Francisco Bay Area and all of Northern California, they offer new, used, and reconditioned carts to suit every purpose and budget. From residential repairs to commercial fleet maintenance services, their qualified technicians will efficiently keep your wheels moving. All Cal Golf keeps a number of pre-built and used carts onsite, and they invite you to visit their showroom and take a test drive to determine what works best for you. If you are looking for something somewhat different, you can request … [Read more...]

Who’s Who In East County

Big Al's Heavy Metal Furniture Why buy new, run-of-the-mill furnishings and décor when you can buy repurposed works of art that are unique, attractive, and extremely durable? Big Al’s Heavy Metal Furniture of Brentwood is the place to go for customized rustic and industrial metal and wood furniture. Personalized customer service welcomes patrons to present any idea, however extraordinary, and they will work with you to make it happen! The owner, Al Herrera, creates one-of-a-kind furnishings with repurposed materials. Using old wood and steel, pieces are restored with special techniques that result in beautifully renewed, custom-built products. Repurposing is a great eco-friendly way to redecorate that is not only kind to the … [Read more...]

Patrick McCarran

Should Sellers Have An Inspection Before Listing? In my opinion yes, there are more good reasons for having a pre-inspection than not having one. Buyers will most likely have a home inspection conducted once in a contract for purchase. So why should you pay for your own? Getting a pre-listing home inspection offers many key advantages to sellers that you may not be aware of. Having inspections before your house goes on the market ensures that you have all the facts so you’ll find out the exact condition of your home, which makes setting a price much easier and whether to list “as-is” or do the repairs for a better return. I recommend three basic inspections, a general home inspection, a termite & wood destroying pest inspection, and … [Read more...]

Who’s Been Snooped?

No Housework This Weekend! Here it is two weeks into January and the entire East County farmland is covered in fog. You can’t hear the sound of tractors or irrigation pumps, but you know the planting of our famous Brentwood Sweet Corn is right around the corner. Like many, I made my New Year’s resolutions and have already checked a few off my list. What a great time to look in on a local business that can get you started on yours. Class Act Cleaning Services has been in this area for 30 years and is family owned and operated. Here at the Monthly Grapevine, we are super excited to have Class Act be this month’s Snoop, because, they are indeed a class act and recommended by many of us here. As soon as you talk to Traci, you know you … [Read more...]

On the House

Create the Perfect 4-Season Outdoor Living Space Creating an outdoor living space will give you an extra “room” to enjoy in all types of weather, even as the temperatures drop. You can start small with an inexpensive patio set and charcoal grill on a new deck, go all out with a fully installed kitchen, fireplace and living room, or something in between. It depends on your budget and how you plan to use the space. Deck It’s the foundation of your outdoor space. Using real wood for your deck is the key to creating a natural, beautiful outdoor living space. One great option is Western Red Cedar. It’s resistant to rot, decay and insects so it lasts a long time with minimum maintenance. It’s also durable, yet surprisingly lightweight, which … [Read more...]

For Your Dental Health

Dental Health and Cardiovascular Disease Cardiovascular disease(CVD) is one of the leading causes of death in the United states and around the world. Approximately one American dies every 37 seconds of cardiovascular disease. Although mortality resulting from CVD has declined during the past decade its prevalence and the risk factors associated with CVD remain high. The 2000 surgeon general's report on oral health in America recommended prevention strategies and support the concept that “oral health is integral to general health.” Emerging research stresses on greater attention to be paid to the association between cardiovascular disease and periodontal (gum) disease. Several studies indicate coexistent periodontal disease appears to … [Read more...]

Home & Lifestyle

One Week Of Healthy Meals, With Minimal Effort We all know that the week can get hectic, with work and whatever life can throw at you. In between the chaos is it important to provide a healthy yet hearty meal for your family. American household spend $70,000 on takeout annually. With such a high number, saving money is also a dire reason that cooking at home is healthy as well as frugal. The key to a week of healthy meals is choosing two days to cook and prep your food for break, lunch, or dinner. Whether it is all three meals or one, the choice is up to you. Let’s begin with the first meal of the day. Breakfast. The meal that gets you energized and ready for the day ahead. Though this meal is the most important of the day, it is … [Read more...]

Ferber Law

NEW PROTECTIONS FOR VICTIMS OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT California has passed a myriad of new laws that become effective January 1, 2019 that expand employer liability for sexual harassment. Of particular importance is SB 1343 which requires employers with 5 or more employees, including temporary and/or seasonal employees, to provide at least two hours of sexual harassment training to all supervisory employees, and at least one hour to all non-supervisory employees, every two years. Additionally, SB 820 adds Section 1001 to the California Code of Civil Procedure which now prohibits any settlement agreement entered into on or after January 1, 2019 from containing language preventing disclosure of factual information related to claims of sexual … [Read more...]

Law Offices of Joan Grimes

Why You Need a Revocable Living Trust Over the years, I have written a lot of articles for the Monthly Grapevine. My goal in writing these articles has been to cover more complex estate planning issues. However, I realize some of you may be new to my articles. I often meet with clients who admit they were too embarrassed to ask: “what is a revocable living trust and why do I need one?” And my favorite question is: “why did my parents not have a trust?” These are excellent questions! First, your parents may not have had a trust, but rather had a simple Will. Several decades ago, this was fine! After their passing, their Will was probated and the assets were distributed to their beneficiaries. However, today the process of … [Read more...]

From the Desk of the CEO

Return on Ad Spending Your first step will be determining exactly what ROI (return on investment) means to you. Many people use the term but often confuse the meanings. If you’re looking at trying to calculate how much your spending in print advertising translates into sales, you’re technically looking at Return on Ad Spending (ROAS), but the terms are similar enough that many people just use them interchangeably. Other things to consider are, again, to determine what qualifies as “success” - a lead, a conversion, increased advertising awareness, increased brand awareness, etc. For simplicity’s sake, assuming that you’re looking at increased store traffic as your measure of success, here are some things you can do to calculate your … [Read more...]