Community Coming Together To Support Literacy Hello, I wanted to take a minute to bring some light to a Project that was 100% community based to support literacy in Brentwood. I’m a resident of Brentwood and when I moved here 2 years ago I noticed there are so many beautiful parks and so trails to enjoy, but I also noticed at that time the library was under construction and there are very few book stores in the community. I decided I want to put a plan into action to some bring together more access to books and to reading for our children and even adults in our community. After some research and ideas I learned about Free Little Library’s, a concept of book free book sharing for a community. I fell in love and decided this was exactly … [Read more...]

Patrick McCarran

Earthquake, Fire and Flood Oh My! Whether it’s the recent earthquake or last year’s massive wildfires, it serves as a reminder how hazardous Mother Nature can be to your home. There are immediate actions you can take to protect your property and prevent major damage should one of these elements strike in the future. Wildfire Some inexpensive home improvements include installing a spark arrestor on your chimney, eliminating brush and debris from around your property. More expensive improvements include replacing single-pane glass windows, doors or skylights with tempered glass, replacing your exterior walls and roofing with a more fire-resistant material. Earthquake anchoring appliances, dressers, TV, computer and other items to the … [Read more...]

On the House

5 Steps to protect your home from rodents this fall (BPT) – Once they’re inside, rats and other rodents can do a lot of harm to your home. This includes damage to electrical wiring, metal or plastic pipes and insulation found in walls and attics. On top of structural damage, the critters aren’t good for the people who live in your home, either: Some species of mice and rats can transmit diseases like hantavirus through their urine and droppings. Between the potential health issues and possible damage to your home, the last thing you want to hear is the scurrying of little rodent feet in your walls or attic. Luckily, there are steps you can take that will help keep those critters out. Block possible points of entry Be aware of any … [Read more...]

For Your Dental Health

Snoring In Children The prevalence of snoring in children ranges from 10% to 21% from 6 to 81 months. Habitual snoring is documented in17% of pediatric patients and this percentage increases in children with neurological problems or psychiatric problems. Snoring is an indication of obstructive sleep apnea. In general population 2-3% of children have apnea. This proportion is growing more with the increase in childhood obesity. What is apnea? Apnea in children is events lasting longer than two missed breaths and most commonly associated with some change in oxygen concentration. Snoring and mouth breathing in children were initially thought of as not harmful habits but more recently it has been associated that these children have a higher … [Read more...]

Who’s Who In East County

That's A Wrap Of Brentwood Lose 10-30 inches safely in an hour, tighten skin, reduce cellulite Basically, this wrap is a food grade inorganic mineral and distilled water solution. You are wrapped tightly with ace type bandages that are soaked in the heated mineral solution. You will be in the wrap for an hour and while you are in the body wrap you will move around and stimulate circulation with moderate exercise. It isn’t about getting hot or sweaty just stimulating circulation in the areas you would like the best results. As soon as the minerals touch your skin your body takes in the minerals it needs as most are mineral deficient. When the minerals come in, the body has to release something, so it releases impurities and the … [Read more...]

Pick of the Vine

Dhyanyoga Centers Dhyanyoga Centers can help you on your path to psychological growth. They offer meditation instruction and pro-active, authentic yoga classes, healing modalities and a wide variety of workshops and special events, that all support spiritual, psychological and physical well-being. The purpose of their classes and remedies is to awaken a source of energy and boost activity for a direct method of spiritual evolution. In addition to their large meditation and yoga rooms, they have an extraordinary spiritual store. Their store includes books, media, and apparel. Dhyanyoga charges less than local yoga studies and they offer donation-based yoga classes on Saturday mornings from 10-11 a.m. Their center is a non-profit … [Read more...]

Who’s Been Snooped?

Two Front Teeth Well, it’s a beautiful spring day in East County. Off to the west is a clear picture of our famous Mt. Diablo, nestled in the beautiful golden surrounding hills. It’s a perfect time to check in with a local dentist office that brings a perfect smile to everyone’s face. Dr. Huma Bayat, DDS and owner of Platinum Smiles Family Dentistry is a local gal who chose to open her practice in Brentwood, the place she calls home. Off to visit her office, I was no stranger this area, as I practically know most of the businesses in our downtown area. She is located on O’Hara across from the “old” Safeway, which for those of you who are new to the area, opened in 1990 and the whole town came to the grand opening. I knew right away … [Read more...]