Who’s Who In East County


Strong bodies and powerful minds are the two words that can be used to empower women. At Kaia Fit in Brentwood, this is exactly what the owner Claudia-Boer Carrasco instills into her clients. Claudia and her staff recognize simple exercises and teamwork to ensure healthy habits for a lifetime. With teamwork and personalized training Kaia Fit dedicates their work to help women achieve healthy bodies as well as healthy minds.

Kaia Fit started in 2015 and officially opened in 2016. Claudia began in 2015 with offering free classes for the entire month before officially opening for business. Her inspiration for Kaia Fit began in 2012 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She wanted other women to know that no matter what your current life situation is, you can still have joy and inspire other people. Delightedly Cancer free, Claudia started a Fight 4 Life Fitness program where she aimed to help other individuals with cancer rebut the side effects of this disease. She had then reached out to the Walnut Creek Kaia Fit owner, by the name of Mary Welton. It was this day that Claudia decided she would open her own Kaia Fit right here in Brentwood.

Claudia has over 30 years of fitness experience and she uses her knowledge to help women grow mentally and physically. She has the education and awareness to work with several different injuries as well as diseases, which helped her create a wide range of clients. Claudia is a firm believer in personal enrichment and is always up to par with the latest in fitness and health trends. She truly has woman’s health as a top priority and is always seeking to help her clients. Claudia’s clients come into Kaia Fit for various reasons ranging from physical to mental and she strives to make her clients part of the uplifting community she has built.

The clients at Kaia feel wanted as soon as they step through those doors. No matter your size or fitness level, Kaia Fit strives to show the importance of every client. Their aim is to have their clients walk away from their workout with a sense of accomplishment and pride and wanting to come back to Kaia for more. Claudia wants everyone who steps through her doors to feel welcomed for the person that they are, not only by herself by the other women in Kaia Fit as well.