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Mindful Movements Pilates Studio

With the New Year upon us, many people are thinking about their overall health and wellness in 2018. Pilates can make a vast difference in one’s well-being without taking a toll on the body. Mindful Movements Pilates Studio has opened a second location in Brentwood and can expertly guide you on how to improve your appearance and feel healthier, stronger, and taller through even body conditioning that results in muscular balance and a toned core.

The creator of this refreshing mind-body workout, Joseph Pilates, once said “You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.” There are numerous benefits including flatter abdominals, a stronger back, and longer, leaner muscles for improved flexibility. It is excellent for upgrading strength and balance and the outcome is often fewer bodily injuries and enhanced sports performance.

Founder and owner, Nicky Handlin, holds a B. S. degree in Kinesiology, multiple certifications, and has years of experience as a Pilates instructor. The studio class schedule includes both Reformer and MOTR sessions and has recently added Barre. Fitness programs can be modified depending on individual needs to assure the workout is well-suited to the client. Both semi-private and private classes are available, and on-line scheduling is quick and convenient. Your first Barre or Reformer class free!

Let Mindful Movements help you discover an enjoyable exercise regime that will improve your fitness inside and out while simultaneously providing a rewarding experience that you can look forward to. Make positive changes in your life by taking your fitness to the next level while learning to use your body more efficiently. A welcoming and supportive environment awaits you.