Who’s Been Snooped?

The Big Green Egg is Here!

Here it is, a few days before the official start of Fall, and the rain came down so hard yesterday, you couldn’t see across town and the street drains were flowing like crazy. The only signs of farming in the ag core are the tractors seen off in the distant fields that have been put to bed for winter. Soon social media and our televisions have been slamming us with “Pre Black Friday” specials, the local retailers have lines waiting to pay for their purchases. Lucky for me, I am off on assignment to a new place in town that everyone is talking about.
Since I am a fan of Buffalo Wild Wings, this was a snap to find. Brentwood Outdoor Living is located right behind the restaurant and can be seen as you enter the parking lot from the beautiful window displays and the Big Green Egg on the sidewalk. Not a real egg, just the most popular way to cook outdoors in years. I actually couldn’t wait to go inside because the owner, Kevin King, is a long time friend to not only me, but the community. After retiring from the Brentwood PD in 2008, he followed his passion and worked in the motorcycle industry and finally decided to work closer to home. He says “This was a great opportunity and I’m having a lot of fun.”
Now, the store. Well, it really isn’t just a store, it’s an experience! As soon as you walk in the door, you feel like you have stepped into the wonderful world of outdoor living. Nice choice for a name, Kevin! This huge showroom is like going to the annual home show. It is filled with areas of furniture that look like Sunset magazine, all the way down to coasters for your drinks. I think I liked this the most because you don’t have to think about matching colors, layout of the furniture or how it is going to feel when you sit on those amazing cushions. And the neat part is, the area right next to it is an outdoor kitchen fit for a chef. And next to that, the spa you have listed on your bucket list.
These upscale, premium products include kitchens, swim spas, patio furniture, grills, umbrellas, hammocks, swings and those incredible fire tables. Brands include Hotspring Spas, Louisiana, Alfresco, Artisan, Twin Eagles grills and The Big Green Egg. And the best part, the staff knows all about each product and is more than gracious to either help you or just allow you to wander. Ten extra points!
Now the umbrellas. For those of you, which I am pretty sure is most of you since we get into the 100 plus degrees here in East County, who have an umbrella in their back yard, you know what a pain it is to find the right color and quality material, let alone dig through a box to find it. Brentwood Outdoor Living has them lined up around up all along the wall and opened up in the store to get the whole experience. They also have every product you need to maintain and use your spa, pool and kitchen. And these guys are so knowledgeable, they can tell you what the “thingamagiggie” is and can order it for you if they don’t have it in stock. Another ten points!
Being a secret shopper is so much fun, but to tell you the truth folks, I really enjoy it when I know the owner, although they can’t know who I am, and I can witness first hand their passion for bringing their dream to life. This is so true about Kevin. He is personable, kind, very meticulous and truly cares about his community, quality products and good customer service. So friend, I am inviting our readers to come experience your dream. The Monthly Grapevine proudly gives you twenty colorful umbrellas for sharing Brentwood Outdoor Living with us. Who will be snooped next? It could be you.
Brentwood Outdoor Living is located at 6061 Lone Tree Way in Brentwood. They can be reached at 925-626-6383 or visit their website at brentwoodoutdoorliving.com.