Who’s Been Snooped?

Envious Designs for Your Home!

East Contra Costa County awoke this morning to clear skies, a perfect view of our precious Mt. Diablo, a weather forecast of 94 degrees and we are one week away from Halloween. This year marks my 20th year as the Snoop and I couldn’t be more proud of our East County residents for their prayers, kindness and incredible contributions for the victims of the Wine Country fires and worldwide tragedies. How fortunate we are to have over 50 surrounding farmers taking care of our beautiful farmlands while growing world famous crops and maintaining the grounds to prevent it from harm. Our entire team at The Monthly Grapevine thanks all of you.
Off on assignment, this particular business has been on my “to do” list for a few months. Loving a great deal, I knew from rumors, I wasn’t going to be disappointed. Consignment Envy, a Home Furnishings & Decor Store is located right next to Ace Hardware on Brentwood Blvd. I have been window-shopping on my trips to Ace, but couldn’t wait to actually walk in and see what I couldn’t live without.
The really neat part is there are furnishings outside to draw you in. Once inside, I really liked how everything was displayed. Many consignment stores look like several garage sales gone bad. Not the case here, as areas seemed to be staged in matching design, color and style. You can comfortably walk through without bumping into things and prices are clearly marked with a touch of class.
I was greeted immediately by a very friendly young lady named Nicole with a cordial “Hello” followed by “Let me know if I can answer any questions for you.” That counts extra for a seasoned shopper like myself, since I really like to take my time without being pounced. Amongst the consignment items were also new items, all reasonably priced. I especially like the fact that the furniture was in excellent condition, modern and clean. They had a huge inventory from chairs, couches, tables, rugs, paintings, art and decor items you would love to add to your home.
One of the coolest things about shopping consignment is the price change during a 3-6 month period, depending on when it arrived and when it actually sells. Now here is the hard part. If you have your eye on a specific piece and it just came in, you might want to take your chances on waiting until the price drops, but you might lose out if someone else snags it before you do. The good part is, since items are what they call in the business “gently used,” the price is already very affordable. Just for the record, my eye is on the cream colored leather couch and loveseat to the right just as you come in the door.
I asked about consigning and she told me their store was currently full, but it changes daily so do not hesitate to give them a call or stop by to talk about placing your items in their store. Debbie Read-Klug is the owner and will graciously talk to you about value, pricing and the best time to bring it in. With the holiday season right around the corner, I am pretty sure you can find that one piece you are looking for before company arrives.
So folks, this secret shopper gives Debbie and her team at Consignment Envy ten glowing candlesticks for bringing such a lovely store to our area. I have already told all my girlfriends about them and can’t wait to come back to see if the couch and loveseat are still there.
Consignment Envy is located at 8900 Brentwood Blvd., #C in Brentwood. They can be reached at 925-234-8896 or visit their website at consignment_envy.com. They are open everyday thru 12/31.