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Keep On Moving!

The end of the relaxed summer season is fast approaching, making it time to prepare for the hectic schedules that accompany the fall. Increased travel during the summer makes it necessary to assure your automobile is in safe and reliable condition for the months ahead. Whether you plan on keeping the same means of transportation or selling it for a new ride in the future, proper maintenance and care from a skilled and trustworthy mechanic extends the life of the vehicle and increase its resale value.
Keep It Auto Service in Brentwood is located at 550 Harvest Park Drive, Suite C, close to Harvest Park Bowl. They offer a variety of automotive services to keep your car running at optimum performance. Fluid services include coolant, transmission, differential, transfer case and fuel injection. The oil change special includes oil, oil filter replacement, fluids topped off, tires checked, and general inspection under hood and vehicle. Reasonably priced brake service is also available.
Further services offered to keep your vehicle in top shape include A/C and Freon, timing belts, water pumps, clutch repair, tires, and windshield. Keep It New Auto Service can also fix window regulators, interior and exterior electrical radio and CDs, interior trim, and heating systems. If you purchase a used vehicle, they will even inspect it for you at no charge. What a great way to start a new driver-mechanic relationship!
Also, 30, 60, and 90 K maintenance services are available for a wide variety of automobile makes and models. Different manufacturers have varying requirements for their vehicles. Keep It New Auto Service structures each service to fit precisely what the manufacturer intended for the vehicle, saving customers money by servicing only those items that were intended for that exact auto at the same mileage level.
The owner, Linn Small, has been in the industry for over 27 years. He opened his own shop so he could put the customer before the bottom line. Visit their website at keepitnewautoservice.com and you will be very impressed with the “no secrets, no games, no surprises” philosophy, stating that the company’s integrity is worth more than the dollar. Many positive testimonials from patrons prove that this business approach is working well. There are currently 54 customer reviews on Yelp.com, all of which have the highest possible rating of 5 stars.
So, Linn and Ann you receive 5 Gold Stars from The Monthly Grapevine as well! Linn’s Service Advisors are required to have continued education once or twice a week, so they are ready to handle your car and your problem. Call and speak to Rima their new Front Service Advisor for an appointment today!
Keep It New Automotive is located at 550 Harvest Park Dr. Ste. E in Brentwood and can be reached at 925-626-7960 or keepitnewautoservice.com.