Tess’ Community Farm Kitchen


Thanksgiving is almost here. I was always told to give thanks at this time of year. But some years, I don’t feel like it. I wake up and see all the things that are not right with the world, instead of waking up to joy and happiness. When Tess’ Community Farm Kitchen started, I knew that it would be a “first of its kind”, that there would be challenges. The County’s regulatory activities for the Ag Core, where we are located, have called for continued revising of our business plan, a serious challenge. Through it all, this year, I choose to be grateful and I plan on being the best farm market, cooking school, and commercial production kitchen we can be in 2018.
Choosing to be grateful is nothing more than a choice, and choosing to focus on gratitude is so much more rewarding than the alternative. Miracles happen when we focus on the positive. There have been several miracles at Tess’.
Building Tess’ was an act of faith, love and dedication to the Community, a place where people who visit can feel reconnected, renewed, loving and kind. I am grateful to all those who take a chance with Tess’ “innovative” idea. I am grateful to my contractor, my banker, all my customers, my chef, my employees, my volunteers who each regularly contribute to create a community from Tess’ basics.
I am grateful to be alive and useful. This is our third year to offer Turkey Dinners for Thanksgiving and Prime Rib Dinners for the December holidays for sale, made from all organic ingredients. No one else around here is doing this.
I remember the first cooking class we held. These youngsters were so creative decorating their aprons while the pizza baked. Nothing replaces that feeling of joy in bringing those children together to learn a very basic of our lives, no, not pizza, cooking. We need more of this!
The County has told us that we can still teach classes, have events, sell “pre-packaged” items in the farm market from local vendors, and rent out the kitchen to budding chefs. Now there is a place in our farm market to purchase organic chicken pot pies, and “vegan organic yogurt” thanks to our kitchen rental program.
Tess’ is too important to the Community to be closed just because we can’t serve breakfast or lunch right now. It’s important for me not to give up, just because I need to revise my business plan once again. I am grateful to have the chance to make Tess’ the best farm market in our area, the most amazing place to have a wedding, birthday party, or celebration of life, a fundraiser, or the most fun place to take a class. Support Tess’ by visiting regularly. Make suggestions, tell us what you want from Tess’. Make it your place to be proud to bring your out of town visitors.
I am grateful to be part of a journey to create a masterpiece.

Tess’ Community Farm Kitchen is located at 8091 Balfour Road in Brentwood. They can be reached at 800-800-5373 or to get more info on classes and events go to communityfarmkitchen.com.