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Keep It New Auto Service

After working in independent shops then moving into dealerships and spending over 10 years there, Linn Small, owner of Keep It New Auto Service noted one consistent thing, people pay way too much and get way too little. He argued, fussed and complained, but the bottom line for some of these places was just simply that, the bottom line. After taking a long look at himself, he realized that he had 28 years in the automotive industry, had worked on all kinds of things from aircraft, hovercraft and motorcycles to boats, RV’s and the occasional clogged toilet at home, and he asked himself, “Why do I need to follow in the footsteps of others when I could make my own?” He decided that he could do it differently and Keep it New Auto Service was born. Linn says, “I can’t believe the feedback I’ve received. I’m happy and honored to be able to help so many people. Come see me, have a chat and find out for yourself if you’re comfortable letting us service your vehicle.”
The main objective at Keep It New Auto Service is to get you back on the road knowing that you were in good hands and that you understand what was wrong and how it was repaired. There are no secrets, no games, and no surprises. Linn’s goals are to make a fair living helping people with the difficulties that arise with their cars. But he wants customers to know his shop is different. “Our integrity is worth more than the dollar. Find out for yourself – don’t just take our word for it – come visit us and decide for yourself. Let us show you it can be different,” says Linn.
For most everything your car may need, Keep It New Auto Service is your one stop shop. They handle Window Regulators, Interior/Exterior Electrical, Radio/CD repair, Interior Trim, Heater/Blower repair, Timing Belts, Bumpers, Water Pumps, Tires, Windshields and Clutches, to name just a few of the items your car may need repair or maintenance of. Buying a used car? They’ll even check it out for you at no charge. They can also take care of 30k, 60k & 90k services for many makes and models. Every vehicle is different and manufacturers vary their requirement for their vehicles. Keep It New Auto can structure each service to fit exactly what the manufacturer intended for the vehicle. This way, you aren’t spending money servicing items that are not due at your particular mileage. With their Oil Change Special, you get your oil filter replaced, all fluids topped off, tires checked and a general inspection of under the hood and under the car. You’ll also find great prices on complete Brake Services. So, for your next repair or maintenance appointment, give Keep It New Auto Service a call. Experience the difference…you’ll be glad you did!
I have been going to Keep It New for a few years now and have had nothing but excellent service from this company.  The owner and his team know my car inside and out and continue to offer quality service at affordable prices.  They stand behind their work and always treat me and my car with respect.  The front office is always courteous, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile to make sure that I am a satisfied customer.  I highly recommend Keep It New to anyone looking for an auto shop that provides quality work, affordable prices, and a team who knows how to treat their customers. –Jason O., Brentwood
My car is running great! You did a super job and thanks again for fixing my front bumper! You also saved us some $$$ by knowing where to get a side mirror for my wife’s car, without having to go to a dealer. You’re very much appreciated! – M. Wheeler
A testimonial from Linn
“We have the best clients in the nation right here in Brentwood… these people really are great. It’s truly a privilege to have them allow us to be part of their lives. In the past 7 years we’ve watch our clients kids start driving and then some off to college, it’s sorta like an extended family when they come in and we get to catch up on the last few months since their last service.  When I started this I never imagined it to be like this, it truly a pleasure.”
Keep It New Auto Service is located at 550 Harvest Park Dr. #C in Brentwood or can be contacted at 925-626-7960 or KeepItNewAutoService.com