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Delta Automotive

Vehicle ownership is a privilege, a necessity, and an undeniable responsibility. The lives of the driver, their loved ones, and those surrounding them depend on the owner properly maintaining their means of transportation with diagnostics and repairs. Delta Automotive of Brentwood has a reputation for providing customers with honest advice at their time of need and is proud to offer a wide range of expert mechanical services.
Established in 2017, Delta Automotive started from a family legacy of auto repair and a shared love of cars. Owner, Roger Boaz, wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps by owning and operating a shop of his own. With over 25 years of auto repair experience, his business philosophy is to provide the best service possible at a reasonable price.
In addition to having a degree in business administration, Roger is also an ASE Certified Master Mechanic, a factory-trained Toyota Master Diagnostic Technician, a Certified Hybrid Technician, and Delta is a California Licensed Smog Test and Repair Facility. They love their customers and invite you to call or visit the facility during business hours or by Saturday appointment to discuss your automotive concerns. Experienced with virtually all makes and models, Delta has the knowledge and skills required to diagnose sophisticated problems.
We depend on our vehicles so that we can provide and care for ourselves and our families. Whenever someone operates a vehicle, there is an inherent element of risk. The most important thing a driver can do is mitigate this risk by taking care of automotive repairs as soon as possible to assure the vehicle is operating safely and efficiently.
Proper upkeep allows you to keep your ride in peak condition, improving performance and diminishing unexpected break downs. Furthermore, it provides an excellent opportunity to identify minor problems before they escalate to a dangerous safety threat and an overwhelming financial burden. Investing a few dollars now can keep you out of harm’s way and save you a bundle later.
Many people like to frequently upgrade their vehicle, making it increasingly important to keep their car in top-notch condition to assist in the financing of a new one. Life can change dramatically in a very short period of time. Whether you want to upgrade your style or simply require a different vehicular design, it makes perfect sense to keep your current auto in mint condition to yield a better price down the road.
Finding a trustworthy mechanic with a reliable track record of excellence is the first step to properly managing the upkeep of your vehicle. Delta Automotive places great emphasis on honesty, making sure the customer fully understands the big picture and how to get the most value out of their expenditure. They welcome the opportunity to be your go-to mechanic, getting you back on the road in no time with optimum automotive performance and increased safety.
Satisfied customer, Gay R., of Discovery Bay has this to say about Delta’s owner:
“Roger is a good mechanic and he is honest. The wonderful thing about him is that he always finds the problem and is able to get you back on the road. I don’t like to recommend places or people, but I recommend Roger.”
Delta Automotive will get you back in the driver’s seat swiftly and provide you with peace of mind during your travels. This trustworthy auto shop assists and guides every customer on how to save money, prioritize safety, and protect their investment. The mission of Delta Automotive is to put the customer first with honest assessment, reliable service, and fair-minded pricing that results in incomparable value.
Delta Automotive is located at 570 Valdry Ct., C-1 in Brentwood and can be reached at 925-684-7931.