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amypictureWho Is Your Power Partner And What Can They Do For Your Business?

Every company has a perfect power partner and ideally you, as a highly effective networking agent, will be able to not just find one power partner, but multiple. Last month we discussed the importance of branding and marketing. Branding and marketing, if done correctly, will bring in many cold leads for your company. Power Partners will bring your company warm leads. You might be asking what is a warm lead? A warm lead comes to you, in some or most cases, already sold by someone else who referred them to you. Your job as the skilled sales person is just the close. The biggest difference between a warm and a cold lead is the conversion rate. Obviously, the amount of leads that you receive isn’t important if you are unable to convert those leads into clients.
Power partners are a group of people of complementary professions. They work with the same clients, but do not take business away from each other. Great examples of these are easily found in the real estate and wedding industries. A realtor, mortgage broker, building inspector, title agency, and a real estate attorney all service clients looking to purchase property. A wedding planner, photographer, and florist are among the many professions that cater to the bride-to-be. These professions form a power team, when one person in the team gets business, he or she can refer the client to every other member in the team.
Successful business people have the ability to select and cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with high-quality people in strategically important business categories, and this ability is a core competency for maximum success in networking. So, how do you cultivate such relationships? It’s vital that you find out as much as possible about your partners so that you can send the right kind of business their way. You need to learn what makes your power partner special as a person, as well as, how to recognize your partner’s best prospects. As a power partner, your job is to help potential leads like, trust and want to do business with your power partners… while they are doing the same thing for you.
If you invest in your power partner and they do the same for you and your company the greater the probability of you recognizing their targeted prospects, giving a compelling testimonial and creating a money-making referral for each other. The biggest advice I can tell you about forming your power partner is to be very careful and selective. Research them and their company intensely because they will become a reflection of you and your company good or bad. The most important thing in sales is your reputation and the old quote says it best, “Fools surround themselves with fools and wise are surrounded by wise!”
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