Amy’s Bright Advice

 How Do You Define Success?

Success is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame. But, thank goodness, today that definition has transitioned within our society into more than just the state of our bank accounts and/or how others perceive us. Our society has made many unfortunate changes throughout the years but I truly believe that this is something that we as Americans can be proud of. I believe success is defined by who you are when no one is looking; one who has a superior work ethic, a strong faith and a great desire to serve and lead others down the same path.
We need to ask ourselves questions in order to evaluate whether we have reached a stature of successfulness, but also realize that there is no limit to the range in which that can truly be measured. Do you see success as how others perceive you or is it more of a personal view of yourself? Is success really attainable or is it something that one will continuously spend their lives trying to achieve, and is that striving what makes you more successful than others? All these questions will help you formulate how you see success for yourself and if you are on the correct path to achieving that state. The other thing we must remember is that what we believe success looks like might actually be smok and mirrors. Think of all the famous and wealthy people that on the outside look like they have it all together but then we find out that they are completely broken and miserable on the inside, would you still look at them as a definition of someone successful or not? Wouldn’t you rather be completely without financial means but live in a state of complete joy and feel spiritually complete and whole? Jesus defined success as one who puts others and God above himself with no desire to have personal recognition and reward for serving with great love. Why is it that when we help others or are able to give to others we feel blessed? Maybe success is knowing that you have made a difference and maybe even leaving behind a legacy that others can follow.
New Ways to Measure Success.
• Character in solitude. Those who display character in the dark will always reflect it in the light.
• Contentment in circumstance. Rich is the man or woman who can find contentment in any circumstance.
• Courage during adversity. Courage can only be revealed when it is required.
• Faithfulness in commitment. Those whose words are true.
• Generosity in abundance.
• Gratitude despite circumstance.
• Humility in accomplishment. Those who are quick to deflect praise in accomplishment ought to be first in receiving it.
• Integrity in the details. Those who show integrity in the little things of life will typically display it in the bigger things as well.
• Kindness to the weak. Our true measure of kindness is shown in how we treat those who will never repay us.
• Love for enemies. It takes a special type of person to extend love towards those who treat us unjustly.
• Perseverance in failure. We will all at some point face failure. Success are those who get back up and try again.
• Respect for authority.
• Responsibility for mistake. Only those who can admit their mistakes have the opportunity to learn from them.
The ultimate question we need to ask ourselves on a daily basis is: have you defined goals and action items in order to be successful and if you don’t believe that you are successful or on the road to success what can you do today to change that?

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