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amypicturePrint vs. Digital Advertising

A study done in 2015 by the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General (OIG) worked with Temple University’s Center for Neural Decision Making compared the reactions of readers when presented with either a digital or physical advertisement. They used various neuro-marketing techniques (such as eye tracking and biometric measurements) to gauge readers’ reactions. The following results of the study showed that print advertising was leaving more of a positive and lasting impression on the subjects:
• Subjects spent longer reviewing physical media than digital
• Printed media evoked higher emotional reactions
• Physical media led to subjects having a great desire for the product
• Subjects attached high subconscious values to products shown in the printed advertisements
• A week later, subjects were able to recall and remember printed media more effectively than the digital counterparts
Why should you use print advertising to promote your business?
1. High reaction rates for printed newspaper advertisements: Studies show that 75% of people aged 25-34 react in some way to advertisements in print newspapers. This means that they engage with the advertised brand in some way, for example by using a coupon or visiting a website.
2. Create memorable campaign messages: Combining print and promotional goods in this way makes the receiver feel incredibly “special” when the package drops through their mailbox. Every time they go to use the branded item, or look at it on their desk, they’ll be reminded of your brand.
3. People automatically look at things that are placed in their hands: With digital advertising, it’s all too easy to ignore the ads down the side of your screen, but when you’re actually touching something you can’t ignore it.
4. Printed advertising produces a better person-to-brand connection: A poll of 1200 adults made it clear that people nurture a yearning for the tactile over the digital in some cases. For example, when asked which items they would miss the most if they were moved to digital only, participants not only listed the obvious choices of books, magazines and newspapers, but also marketing materials such as business cards and catalogues.
5. Maximize sensory appeal: Marketers know they must appeal to all of a consumer’s senses to encourage a sale. Printed media offers the smell of the freshly printed paper, the feel of it in your hand, the vibrant colors and the sound of the paper moving
The many benefits of print advertising make it a must-have source of marketing for businesses. However, that’s not to say that digital marketing is something to be ignored. Many successful marketing campaigns utilize both print and digital. A great option to combine print and digital would be to offer a printed ad that contains a website address for people to visit in order to sign up for a discount code or a free sample of your product.
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