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Ready To Get Motivated?

Do you find yourself unable to finish, or sometimes even start, any needed projects? Do you write to-do lists and only get 10% of the tasks completed by the end of the work day? Is the label “Procrastinator” an understatement for you? Do you go to bed at night feeling upset and ashamed that you were unable to get done the needed things for the day? Maybe these feelings have plagued you for weeks or even months. This feeling of lack of motivation can be a success-stopper or worse case a career ender.
Don’t worry you can stop this pattern, and become a motivated, successful professional again but first you need to explore deep within yourself to find out why this is happening. The following process will take you step by step to restore your professional life back into the powerhouse you once were!
First, we must figure out the reason you are going down this tunnel in the first place. If you don’t like your job then you NEED to find one that stirs passion within you but this article is addressing those of us who love what we do but for some reason all of a sudden we are just not able to push ourselves to be the most successful we can be.
Along with this lack of motivation will come a feeling of disappointment with oneself and a puzzlement of where your determination has gone. It can be upsetting to feel like you’re not living up to your aspirations, especially when there’s important work to be completed. Speed, efficiency and productivity are what drive results, and when our energy doesn’t match our ambition, it is frustrating and can be what keeps us from reaching our greatest potential. The effects it can have on us can be numerous: difficulty sleeping restfully, finding yourself sick, or sometimes a lack of ability to concentrate on anything life throws at you. Your mental health can take a beating from emotional exhaustion caused from the consequences of procrastination and a sense of absolutely no motivation.
But the great news is you don’t have to stay this way! With some exploration and reflection, you can get to the bottom of what’s sapping your drive and energy and get yourself back to the top of your game!
Are you looking for steps to eliminate this lack of motivation attitude? Well, next month you will find in Amy’s Bright Advice Column the answers you have been searching for!
Stayed tuned, do some deep self-reflection and then get ready for the advice you need to be transformed into the BEST POWERHOUSE PROFESSIONAL you can be!!!
Amy Bright has 20 years of sales and marketing experience.