From the Desk of the CEO

SonyawebsitephotoPower Up!

For the past 23 years we have had great success as a local business and many of our readers use our office as a referral agency for service providers and products sold within our community. When looking for just about anything, from a florist, to a hair dresser, to a gutter cleaning service; and everything in between, we are more than happy to recommend any of our wonderful advertisers! With companies such as Yelp and Angie’s List that have come into successful existence, it has become apparent of the needs from our society that people greatly prefer to use companies that have been referred to them rather than a cold call from a list of providers.
We are pleased to announce and to support the businesses in East Contra Costa County with the BEST Power Partnering and Referral Program! When you advertise with us, not only do you get your marketing message in a beautiful color print ad that is directly delivered to 57,000 homes and businesses, you also get our online services such as, social media posts, website presence and digital TV advertising that is seen by 10,000 people a month; you also get a referral service! We are so proud of our advertisers that we want to share their great work and help our community continue to grow! The Monthly Grapevine, as a team, have made it our mission to be your Power Partner!
We also made it easier for you and your clients to find your products and services, by optimizing our website ( for use on cell phones and tablets. Of course, we are also available in the office, on the web or on social media, let us know if you have a company or service that has done a great job we want to hear about them! Even if they aren’t in our publication yet!

Sonya North, CEO