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Flossing And Flossing Alternatives

Brushing and flossing are the gold standard for oral hygiene as we all know. Dental floss has been available since 1815, yet more than 70 percent of the population doesn’t see the value of daily flossing in spite of the” flossing nag” they get every time they are in the dental office for their regular cleaning visits.
The reasons for not flossing include pain, flossing takes too much time, gagging and not wanting to put their fingers in their mouth. There are a wide variety of floss types available including flavored, fluoride coated, xylitol coated, individual flossers and floss holders. Despite this variety of flosses available in the market, studies show an average of only 13 per cent of adults use dental floss daily. Alternatives to flossing are available that may be easier to use. A popular floss alternative is soft picks. These are plastic picks that fit easily between the teeth the tiny projections are effective to disrupt bacterial plaque forming in between the teeth. The significance of reducing the accumulation of bacterial plaque in between the teeth leads to a reduction in gum disease and also cavities from developing in between the teeth. Other alternatives are using air flosser or a water flosser or a water pick. These alternatives may cost more and may have a learning curve to get used to so it might take some time before getting comfortable with these gadgets. Both daily oral hygiene and frequent dental hygiene visits are important for maintaining oral health. Oral hygiene instructions can be generalized or tailored to each person’s needs.
Whatever methods may be available as flossing alternatives, it is the individual’s motivation which is important to help in plaque reduction. It is very important to find out each ones individual needs and what your oral health goals are and what you are willing to do to achieve that level of health. Regular dental visits are important but what every individual does each day to control oral infection with a good oral hygiene regimen is more important.

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