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Stroke And Dental Health

Stroke is caused by the interruption of the blood supply to the brain. A blood vessel bursts or is blocked by a blood clot which in turn cuts off the oxygen supply and nutrients to the brain causing damage to the brain tissue. Symptoms and signs of stroke depend on the location and extent of the tissue damage. Stroke is the second leading cause of death in people sixty years or older in industrialized countries. About 15 million people worldwide experience a stroke every year.
Infections are known to be a risk factor for stroke. Upper respiratory tract infections have been known for a long time to increase the risk of stroke. Chronic infections such as bronchitis and chlamydia also pose risk for stroke. More recently dental infections have been added to the concerns. Any infection causes the release of inflammatory mediators which can have detrimental effects in the body.For example the inflammatory mediators can activate the blood coagulation system causing blood clots. Small particles of the clot can get in the blood vessels in the brain causing stroke. However the inflammatory reaction is highly complex. Many factors such as genetics, diet, obesity and behavioral factors such as smoking and drinking modify the inflammatory reaction.
According to recent studies maintaining good oral health diminishes the risk for cardiovascular events including stroke. There has been evidence where studies show an association particularly between poor periodontal health and stroke. Bacteria which can cause gum disease have been detected in the plaque lining the blood vessels leading to increased stroke risk. Treatment of gum disease seems to improve the lining for the blood vessels. Maintaining oral health helps in the general health of the blood vessels in the body.
Maintaining satisfactory oral hygiene among patients who have survived stroke can be challenging because often times their manual dexterity is reduced after having a stroke. Special aids are available to help these patients. For example electric toothbrushes should be used for brushing and frequent fluoride mouthrinse will reduce cavities and plaque formation.
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