Tess’ Community Farm Kitchen

Gratitude Thanksgiving is almost here. I was always told to give thanks at this time of year. But some years, I don’t feel like it. I wake up and see all the things that are not right with the world, instead of waking up to joy and happiness. When Tess’ Community Farm Kitchen started, I knew that it would be a “first of its kind”, that there would be challenges. The County’s regulatory activities for the Ag Core, where we are located, have called for continued revising of our business plan, a serious challenge. Through it all, this year, I choose to be grateful and I plan on being the best farm market, cooking school, and commercial production kitchen we can be in 2018. Choosing to be grateful is nothing more than a choice, and choosing … [Read more...]

From the Desk of the CEO

Return on Ad Spending Your first step will be determining exactly what ROI (return on investment) means to you. Many people use the term but often confuse the meanings. If you’re looking at trying to calculate how much your spending in print advertising translates into sales, you’re technically looking at Return on Ad Spending (ROAS), but the terms are similar enough that many people just use them interchangeably. Other things to consider are, again, to determine what qualifies as “success” - a lead, a conversion, increased advertising awareness, increased brand awareness, etc. For simplicity’s sake, assuming that you’re looking at increased store traffic as your measure of success, here are some things you can do to calculate your … [Read more...]

Travel Time

Cruise and Tour Highlight for 2018 Getaway Cruises ‘n Tours presents a 15-day combined land tour and cruise of Ireland and Iceland, May 23rd through June 7th, 2018. Tour the land of 100,000 welcomes for five days then sail up and around the Island of glaciers and volcanoes for ten more days. The pre-cruise tour begins and ends in Dublin, exploring the southern and central parts of the Emerald Isle. The excursion consists of two nights in Dublin, then one night in Cobh (pronounced Cove) and the final two nights in Killarney. The journey includes visiting the famous castle Rock of Cashel, driving the scenic Ring of Kerry, seeing the Cliffs of Moher, kissing the Blarney Stone, singing along to traditional Irish pub music at the Abbey … [Read more...]