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5 Ways to Transform the Furniture You’re About to Throw Out If you’re trying to update the interior decor of your home by getting rid of old furniture, you might want to consider fixing up your furniture rather than simply throwing it away. It’s easier than you think to revitalize furniture and have it looking better than ever. This can not only save you money but also keep your bulky furniture pieces out of landfills. The following are five good ideas on how you can transform your old furniture to improve the look of your home’s interior: Give it a good cleaning Simply giving a furniture piece a thorough cleaning can go a long way in revitalizing it and making it appropriate for your newly designed interior. Couch cleaning should … [Read more...]

Pick of the Vine

Captain Morgan’s Delta Adventures Life can be stressful, and many people fully understand the importance of allocating time for relaxation and the company of family and friends. Everyone can benefit from taking a break from the personal and professional demands confronting them on a daily basis. There are few things more serene than gliding along the Delta on houseboat; there is something about the water that lets our worries float away with the channel current and the breeze, granting us tranquility and peace of mind. A charter boat business, Captain Morgan’s Delta Adventures operates out of Discovery Bay. Frank and Melinda Morgan are extremely dedicated to exceeding the expectations of their customers. Frank is a well-acquainted … [Read more...]

For Your Dental Health

Diabetes And Oral Health Diabetes is increasing in epidemic proportions in the US and throughout the world and it is one of the most burdensome chronic diseases of our time. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, non-traumatic limb amputations and also new cases of blindness. It is also a major cause of heart disease and stroke. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about 25 million people have diabetes and of these 7 million have not been diagnosed but have the disease. People at high risk of developing diabetes are also called pre diabetic and about 79 million U.S adults older than 20 years are in this lengthy stage which has no symptoms. Identification of pre diabetes can help target with early … [Read more...]

Who’s Been Snooped?

Let’s Get into Shape for Summer! The sun has just set and a quarter moon is peeking over the horizon in a sky filled with stars. Thank heaven the rain has stopped and our wonderful farmlands are starting to see signs of dry land. With a few showers on the forecast, it seems as though everyone is still showing signs of cabin fever. And to top it off, those Girl Scout cookies seem to be for sale everywhere and those New Year’s resolutions of losing weight are just a memory. What a great time to look in on a local business who can help get back on track and put you on the right road to better health. Delta Valley Health Club is one of East Contra Costa County’s finest fitness centers. The really neat part about getting this assignment is, I … [Read more...]

Travel Time

With the holidays past us, it’s time to start thinking about your next vacation. Sure everyone needs a holiday from a holiday and why not take one to the underside of the world. That’s right, spend some time with our Downunder neighbors, the Aussies (that’s “Awzzies” for us locals). Australia is a big country, the size of our lower 48, so it deserves more than one visit. Can you imagine covering the continental U.S. in 2 weeks? I don’t think so. Australia does have a lot to offer more than just its icons Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef. So, let’s checkout a lesser travelled spot in the great Downunder. Centrally located in this country is the state of South Australia. It has a lot to share and it’s less than two hours from Sydney. Its … [Read more...]

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Sun Busters In weather-friendly California, there are numerous advantages to constructing an outdoor living space on your property. Creating an open-air room is undoubtedly a valuable financial and personal investment that increases the value of your home and results in extra space for convening with family and friends. Since 1998, Sun Busters, Inc., of Brentwood has been helping people to embrace the outdoor lifestyle by offering professional, honest, and reliable service. Sun Busters has a wide array of freestanding or attached pergolas, trellises, and latticework structures to choose from. Additionally, they are skilled with insulated roofing, non-insulated roofing, and louvered roof patio covers. All of their products have a lifetime … [Read more...]

Meet Our New Sales Rep

Amy Bright My name is Amy Bright and I have lived in Discovery Bay and this amazing community since 1998. My high school sweetheart, Jason, and I were married in 1997 and moved here from San Jose where we both were born and raised. Since moving here we have had three children, who range from the ages of 17 to 7. Our children have had wonderful academic and social upbringing in this community and we are so thankful to God for the ability to raise our family in such a loving small town. I started my sales career in the Silicon Valley as a corporate Distribution Sales Rep. I absolutely loved and thrived in that position, becoming part of the Presidents Sales club in my first six months. When my first child was born my husband Jason and I … [Read more...]

From the Desk of the CEO

Durable Décor Upgrades that Add Comfort and Style to Your Home Interior upgrades should make a big impact -- adding style and comfort to your home. They should also last a long time, even if you have a busy household, with lots of foot traffic. To add both form and function to your living spaces, consider the following ideas. Paint and Decorate Sometimes going from drab to fab is as simple as a paint job. Even if you’d like to keep your white walls, a fresh coat can make a room feel brighter, cleaner and more comfortable -- however, you may want to consider the addition of an accent wall or textured design for some pop. Don’t forget your prep work. Sanding and cleaning the walls helps ensure the paint applies nicely and looks great … [Read more...]

Law Office of Michael Primus

Fastrak In the Bay Area, with all the bridges and corresponding tolls, it is not uncommon for people to amass unpaid Fastrak fines.  If you whiz through the Fastrak lane without sufficient funds in your Fastrak account, the owner of the vehicle will be fined.  I have seen people use the Fastrak lane without a valid transponder for months or years amassing thousands of dollars in tolls and fines.  Technically the charges are owed to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission but collection is managed by the Bay Area Toll Authority.  In turn, the Bay Area Toll Authority can refer the unpaid fines to the Franchise Tax Board as well as the Department of Motor Vehicles.  The Franchise Tax Board can intercept tax refunds, levy bank accounts or … [Read more...]

Law Offices of Joan Grimes

Non Probate Transfers Considerations for Estate Planning It is estimated that more than 50% of all adults in the United States do not have a Will. At first glance that statistic can be very disturbing especially when you understand that most of those people have children. So how is it possible that so many people pass away without a Will yet everything seems to be distributed without the need of a Will or Probate? First, they have designated beneficiaries on their accounts. The distribution of assets such as life insurance, annuities, retirement accounts and bank accounts are governed by contract law. Therefore, the accounts can have one or more designated beneficiaries to whom the asset will be paid upon the death of the owner. In … [Read more...]