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How Humidity Can Damage Your Home in the Winter/strong> The cold season is harsh on your health, but it can also do damage to the home. Keeping humidity inside during the wintry weather helps your skin and throat not dry out, but you may be surprised to hear that humidity puts stress on your home’s health, too. If your humidity levels are too low, your house and furniture will experience deterioration, and particularly nasty molds and bacteria will thrive. Your house is supposed to keep you insulated from the cold, not give you one! Learn why humidity drops in the winter and what percentage to keep in your home to ensure a balanced environment for your overall health and that of your home. With a few strategies, you can keep humidity … [Read more...]

Pick of the Vine

Laser Advantage All people, men and women alike, have times when they feel the need to increase their confidence by improving their appearance and overall sense of self. Whether you want to enhance or correct what you were born with or simply aspire to reduce the ravages of time, Laser Advantage of Antioch can help you attain your desired image. Staffed by Dr. James Edwards and Marti Edwards, RN, the facility offers clients over 15 years of experience in aesthetic healthcare. Laser Advantage provides hair and vein removal and skin rejuvenating services such as Laser Genesis, Cutera Titan skin tightening, and microdermabrasion facials that render a healthier and younger-looking persona. Trained professionals can remove unsightly brown … [Read more...]

For Your Dental Health

Early Childhood Cavities And Intake Of 100 Percent Fruit Juice The US Food and Drug Administration defines the term 100 per cent juice as a beverage made from fruit. The difference between 100 per cent fruit juice differs from juice drinks which are diluted with water and may contain added sugars or other ingredients. Since the 1990’s the beverage consumption patterns of children have changed. More children are drinking beverages with added sugar such as sodas, soda pop, juice drinks and other sugary drinks instead of milk and water. One hundred per cent fruit juice is another beverage that has had a large increase in consumption. Some factors linked to the increase in consumption of 100 percent fruit juice is that it is a convenient … [Read more...]

Law Office of Michael Primus

Fastrak In the Bay Area, with all the bridges and corresponding tolls, it is not uncommon for people to amass unpaid Fastrak fines.  If you whiz through the Fastrak lane without sufficient funds in your Fastrak account, the owner of the vehicle will be fined.  I have seen people use the Fastrak lane without a valid transponder for months or years amassing thousands of dollars in tolls and fines.  Technically the charges are owed to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission but collection is managed by the Bay Area Toll Authority.  In turn, the Bay Area Toll Authority can refer the unpaid fines to the Franchise Tax Board as well as the Department of Motor Vehicles.  The Franchise Tax Board can intercept tax refunds, levy bank accounts or … [Read more...]

Meet Our New Sales Rep

Amy Bright My name is Amy Bright and I have lived in Discovery Bay and this amazing community since 1998. My high school sweetheart, Jason, and I were married in 1997 and moved here from San Jose where we both were born and raised. Since moving here we have had three children, who range from the ages of 17 to 7. Our children have had wonderful academic and social upbringing in this community and we are so thankful to God for the ability to raise our family in such a loving small town. I started my sales career in the Silicon Valley as a corporate Distribution Sales Rep. I absolutely loved and thrived in that position, becoming part of the Presidents Sales club in my first six months. When my first child was born my husband Jason and I … [Read more...]

Who’s Been Snooped?

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend! The rain finally stopped on this 27th day in January and the farmlands are starting to dry out. The days are crystal clear and it looks like the forecast will only bring us small bursts of rain. This allows for a wonderful view of Mt. Diablo and the lush green hills surrounding its beauty. What a great time to check in on a local business who brings their own sparkle to our area. The luxury of snooping this local business is I never turn down an invitation to visit a jewelry store. Broder Jewelry Design is located at 640 Harvest Park Drive right down the street from the bowling alley. As a regular customer, I knew the routine of ringing the bell to have Mark Broder, owner and designer buzz me in. I really … [Read more...]

Travel Time

This month we want to remind you and ask you to consider attending the Sonora Celtic Faire. It is in the Motherlode country in March and we will be there all day Saturday and Sunday. Advanced tickets can be purchased from the website for the venue at a discounted price. What is the Sonora Celtic Faire? Here is a brief overview and we hope to see all of you there. NOTHING LIKE IT ANYWHERE! On March 10-12th, 2017, the Gold Rush community of Sonora, California will showcase the sights and sounds of medieval combat. This is no dinner show or acting troupe trying to play make believe, this is hard-core full contact jousting. A sport that has had longevity surpassing football, baseball, and modern basketball combined. In fact the sport was … [Read more...]

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Ardent's Hauling When the time to clear the homestead of unnecessary debris arrives, there are many benefits for those who choose to rent a dumpster container. This is true whether they are renovating their residence, making the move to downsizing their house, or simply have the desire to spruce up their living space. Ardent’s Hauling residential driveway dumpster service makes any job easier by delivering the container of your choice to your driveway, allowing you three days to load at your own convenience, and returning to pick up the loaded container and haul it to the dump for you. It’s as simple as that.Of course, there are other options. You could do your own hauling, but why put your vehicle at risk for stains, scratches, or foul … [Read more...]

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Tips For Your Gift Registry In keeping with our theme for Brides this month, I thought it would be a good idea to publish some ideas for your gift registry. For many couples, there’s nothing more exciting than creating wedding wish lists. Forty-five percent of U.S. adults who are or ever have been married or engaged have had a bridal registry, according to a recent online survey. Registries can be helpful to avoid receiving disappointing gifts. However, even with a registry, many couples realize their lists may have been less than ideal. If you’re headed down the aisle, plan ahead to avoid these common registry mistakes. • Including impractical items: Think twice before registering for large or specialty products that take up storage … [Read more...]

Law Offices of Joan Grimes

Non Probate Transfers Considerations for Estate Planning It is estimated that more than 50% of all adults in the United States do not have a Will. At first glance that statistic can be very disturbing especially when you understand that most of those people have children. So how is it possible that so many people pass away without a Will yet everything seems to be distributed without the need of a Will or Probate? First, they have designated beneficiaries on their accounts. The distribution of assets such as life insurance, annuities, retirement accounts and bank accounts are governed by contract law. Therefore, the accounts can have one or more designated beneficiaries to whom the asset will be paid upon the death of the owner. In … [Read more...]